MOIsvet 2018

moisvet mirror


  The main goal of the MOIsvet project is to form a new look at the bygone objects, turning them to hip notwithstanding the time and space.  Using contemporary background we are trying to rethink core Russian traditions and we hope to revival the interest in traditional crafts, in high quality finishes and in technologies used by our ancestors.  This is a sort of attempt to surround ourselves by things that convey the meaning and guard the wormth of our history.

 MOIsvet  project includes three mirrors. As an inspiration base we took the shape of distaff crafted by Nordic population from Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions, famous for carving and painting.  It is well known that the distaff was not only a working tool but also an important izba decoration.  In addition, it was used in folk rites.  Till these days distaffs are considered objects of art and many are displayed in museums.

 We chose the most ancien way to decorate wooden items – the geometrical carving (X-XII century).  Applying it to the household items our ancestors hoped to protect themselves from evil forces and attract good spirits.  Hence, every geometrical form in the folk art has its own specific meaning and special notation.  Following these traditions we have tried to encrypt symbols of the sun, life, fertility and luck. Since all carving decorations are handmade only, without the use of any modern technology, we chose linden as the main material.  This wood is easy to process using cutter and chisel. Decoration of each cadre is unique; the ornament follows the shape of the mirror.

 This project is aimed at people who love natural materials and enjoy traditional craftwork.



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